Life, the universe, and everything 

Life, the universe, and everything

There have been many times my fellow Australians, when I have said that I would not wish this curse on another human being.

Being loved and admired has its down sides. Being a natural leader takes a lot of effort. Being prepared to do all for the national interest is - as much as it is my passion - time consuming and wearing on the soul.

For I know deep down inside that you all love me dearly, but I carry with me this level of doubt, that there have been times when the decisions I have made were less than wise. My good friend Peter Costello said that is virtually untrue, except for not retiring.

When I said "no GST" I meant it. I meant it. I meant there would be no GST in the foreseeable future. How could I possibly know that economic circumstances and the good result of the election would change the world in which we live. I could not know that. It is the same as saying I hate all Arabs, how could that be true, I have not met every Arab in the world!

And now I have this lagging doubt about the election of which we are on the eve. I have the doubt that not all Australians will look back at the fine level of economic resiliance we have built under my leadership, the pride of the nation as it stands in the global arena because of our stance against terrorism, and not all will remember the hard battles we won against the tyranny of unions who - like terrorists - disguise themselves as true believers.

The Liberal Party is blue. We are a blue party. Blue ribbon, top class, developed with a focus of infinite wisdom, equality, and good governance.

Look at us now, and think of the future without us. What would it be like:

Your leaderYour leader

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