John Howard - Australian Prime Minister 

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Free Lawnmowers for Every Australian johnhoward 10/03/2004
Well Mr Smarty pants John Kerry johnhoward 10/02/2004
Free Trade Agreement johnhoward 08/20/2004
My favourite book johnhoward 08/19/2004
I've been to Paris too! johnhoward 08/18/2004
DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE! johnhoward 08/17/2004
Children overboard - compelling evidence johnhoward 08/17/2004
The Greatest Defence Minister EVER! johnhoward 08/17/2004
Athens Olympics and the heavyweights johnhoward 08/14/2004
Life, the universe, and everything johnhoward 08/13/2004
Cricket is a man's game johnhoward 08/12/2004
Nasty news johnhoward 08/11/2004
My favourite shoes johnhoward 08/11/2004
We'll have our own Olympics johnhoward 08/10/2004
Latham is hungy johnhoward 08/09/2004
ACE OF SPADES johnhoward 08/09/2004
Dubya, the Man of Steel, and some Asian johnhoward 08/08/2004
[b]More terrorists[/b] johnhoward 08/08/2004
How to recognise a terrorist johnhoward 08/08/2004
They drown their kids johnhoward 08/07/2004
How to write letter johnhoward 08/07/2004
Smartie pants kids and communists johnhoward 08/07/2004
Hiding in the bush johnhoward 08/07/2004
[blockquote]I do not lie, I am real[/blockquote] johnhoward 08/07/2004

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