Free Trade Agreement 

Free Trade Agreement

There is a lot of uneducated talk out there about why we needed to sign an FTA with the good old USA.

Well, things are differenet these days. Back when Brittania quite rightly ruled the waves, we would simply land on an island and buy things. We traded. We gave the natives beads, sugar, whisky, cigarettes - and they gave us their land. Just like the coloured folk in this shotTradingTrading

But now because of the communists, the black people have become smarter. So in order to get their lands we have to either find terrorists on their shores and help invade that country, or sign onto deals with George W Bush where we can "convince" these black folk that dealing with us is in their best interests.

You see we look after the world. It is the USA and Britain that developed all the medicines to wipe out polio and malaria and AIDS.

So it is right that we take much of the land. And we bring better animals to their shores to eat.

Like someone said - we give them bees, they give us land.

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Thu Apr 7, 2005 9:43 am MST by Anonymous

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