My favourite book 

My favourite book

Lots of people ask me what the Prime Minister of Australia does on his day off. Well, I tell you, it is rare for me to get a day off - no lies.

But I do like to have a good read.

I like to get my little Dick out. I like Phillip's work - this is one of my favourites.

Lying back on the summer couch, with my little dick in hand, I can dream away, get far away. I get become hardened - like is characters - or go all gooey.

Yes Dick does it for me. I like to flick my Dick. Flicking through the pages and drifting like a somber song on an evening. I must admit it - I tell you no lies. I love my Dick.


no liesno lies

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Comment I knew Austalians are cool, didn't know that are so cool! If this page is Really written by John Howard, good for him, Austalia and the rest of the world! Now it is No Worries, time!

Wed Feb 9, 2005 8:30 pm MST by Maria Kapi

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